Build your own waitlist & reservation channels.

Highly customized restaurant waitlist, reservation, and table management solution

Increase your covers, not your costs


Let guests get in line from their phone, track their place in line, and then text them.

Guest center

GuestCenter saves useful diner details do drive more visits by making very guest feel like a VIP


Event management system that allows customers pay what they want to order in advance.


Delight your customers with flexible reservation options and an easier way of communicating with you.


A quick way to create customized waitlist, reservation, and survey pages using minitable CMS.

No app, no signup

There is no app and no sign up for your customers. Keep simple and easy as ON-THE-GO

Table management

Maximize time, seat parties, and efficiency with our restaurant management software.

Loyalty program

Seamlessly integrates with existing POS technology to track spend and customer order history in real time.

24/7 Live people support

Get immediate support through in-app chat or by calling our support line — because business won’t wait.

4 Main Features

Waitlist, Reservation, Guest management, and Feedback management

Marketing services

We support direct waitlist & reservations through the marketing channels you care about most, including Instagram, Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor and more.

How to start

1. Contact us

Click here to leave your information. Our sales will contact you ASAP

2. Setup your account

Your account manager will help you setup the system based on your business need step by step

3. Training and launch

Our technician will train your staffs and help you launch the system within one hour.

Minitable vs Others

Comparison of pricings and features for the other company’s system.

Minitable Others
On-the-go for your customers
Multiple languages
Custom built channels
Table management
Guest center
Customized functions
Loyalty program
Survey automation
Data analytics
No cover fees or setup fees

We're here to help restaurants grow & prosper.

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